Voordelen van Maconomy per rol

Mensen overal in uw organisatie ondersteunen met Deltek Maconomy

Deltek Maconomy biedt u efficiënte ondersteuning van uw bedrijfsworkflows en -processen – een volledig geïntegreerde ERP-oplossing die specifiek is ontwikkeld voor professionele dienstverlenende organisaties. Dit betekent dat u geen tijd, geld of talent verspilt. Deltek Maconomy is een op rollen gebaseerde oplossing die uw volledige organisatie voorziet van de nodige tools voor projectkostenbeheer, financieel management, tijdregistratie, personeelsplanning, human resources managementrapportage en accountmanagement.

Ontdek waarom voor managers geldt: Know More and Do More with Deltek Maconomy:

Deltek Maconomy for COOs

As a COO of a professional services firm, you are in charge of managing your firm's operations. To do this effectively, you need tight control over your business. Deltek Maconomy delivers that control and more. Our solutions help you:

  • Forecast revenue and cost and easily compare with actuals
  • Create comprehensive reporting and business intelligence features
  • Understand and manage costs and revenue by drilling into real-time financial data
  • Manage your team through exceptional reporting
  • Achieve real-time visibility into future resource needs so you can hire and fire at the right times

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Deltek Maconomy for Account Executives

As an Account Executive for your organization, you need client information at your fingertips to win business, service your clients, and develop profitable, lasting relationships. With Deltek Maconomy, you will:

  • Track all opportunities as they lay the foundations for future revenue
  • Access client profitability to help you prioritize which clients you should spend your time on
  • Access real-time receivables data on your dashboard
  • Gain a holistic approach to client information to save time and make informed decisions
  • Align the right resources with the right opportunities thus maximizing the effectiveness of your business development team

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Deltek Maconomy for Project Managers

As a Project Manager for your organization, you need to have full project visibility so you can effectively manage your project portfolio to keep projects on time and on budget - so you can deliver for your important clients. Deltek Maconomy will empower you to:

  • Run progress evaluation and follow-up based on percentage to completion
  • View real-time project status and documentation on-line
  • Ensure that overruns are identified and acted upon as early as possible
  • Secure workflows for project initiation, budget creation, invoicing and approval of time and expenses
  • Manage project planning and execution and quickly allocate resources to clients and projects

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Deltek Maconomy for Resource Managers

As a Resource Manager for your fast-moving firm, it critical that you can effectively schedule people across departments, offices, business units and projects to increase resource utilization, deliver successful projects for your clients, and maximize profit margins. With Deltek Maconomy, you will:

  • See all requests for resources on-line, thus eliminating phone calls and email requests that could get lost
  • Avoid using freelancers and sub-contractors when your own people are under-utilized
  • Find people by skill and immediately see their future availability
  • Maximize utilization through total visibility into future bookings and assignments

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Deltek Maconomy for Finance Executives

As a Finance Executive, you need a comprehensive, integrated solution for managing your firms finances. If your firm is global, it is also critical that your financial management solution offers multi-company, multi-currency capabilities so you can drill up and down into the performance of your firm. Deltek Maconomy will help you:

  • Control revenue recognition and percentage to completion on projects
  • Receive alerts for overdue invoices, project budget overruns, late submissions and approval of timesheets
  • Decrease receivables and Days-Sales-Outstanding (DSO)
  • Increase the ease of month-end close through automation and accuracy of data
  • Reduce overheads through automation of procedures and consolidation of financial statements across business units

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