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The ERP accounting software from Deltek Maconomy creates a natural relationship between people and processes in professional service organizations. Maconomy provides the basis for overview, follow-up and decision-making in a way that provides guaranteed benefits to your employees, but also for your bottom line.

Imagine that everyone in your organization on the same date information available. Imagine that this leads to less rework, fewer errors and better, faster and more realistic decisions. And imagine also that all information is managed, while internal walls are broken down to simplify and automate business processes. In real time

What you are proposing, its enterprise  resource planning tools for professional service organizations. Then Imagine an ERP accounting solution that fulfills its promise on time, within budget and within the agreed range.

More than a traditional accounting solution

With ERP accounting software, companies can put an end to complicated procedures and under-utilization of resources, but the capabilities of Deltek Maconomy's ERP accounting solution go a step further and allow companies to focus on the bigger picture: expansion and profitability.

Learn more  about why the Maconomy ERP solution right for you, and find out why you should choose for your professional service organizations in the Benelux. Maconomy

Deltek offers solutions for business services in the following industries:

architectural and engineering firms Management Consultancy and IT Consultancy Marketing and Communication agencies Research, Knowledge and Research Institutes

Technology Deltek Maconomy - a systems approach

The technologies in Maconomy are designed to work. As a seamless entity This eliminates the need of maintaining integrations between modules prevents additional hardware and minimizes sources of inconsistencies between data due to system changes, enhancements and upgrades.

Deltek Maconomy's advanced server architecture is divided into three layers: the presentation layer (Maconomy clients for various platforms), the application layer (the business logic), and the technology layer. The sharp separation between these layers supports scalability and a broader slogan of user interfaces, server operating systems, database systems and integration interfaces.

The technology layer automatically integrates all important functions throughout the application and offers highly advanced features:

  • flexible access control;
  • numerous options for integration;
  • dynamic translation and language support;
  • integrated reporting architecture;
  • easy transition to new platforms;
  • simple hardware architecture with focus on price and performance;
  • workflow engine to support business processes.

Deltek  supports hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. Take today contact us to see how Deltek Maconomy the growth of your business can support.